How to repair MS Project file

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How to repair Project data file

Modified on 01/01/2019

An absolute must-have for anyone willing to find out how to repair MS Project file contents with a few clicks and without leaving their workplace. This corrupt MS Project file repair software saves money and time by letting users restore their data on their own and forget about expensive specialized services.

The fixing of corrupted Microsoft Project data file - step-by-step instruction:

  1. Download Project Repair Kit here:
  2. Install Project Repair Kit
  3. Start Project Repair Kit
  4. Select corrupted *.mpp file of Microsoft Project
  5. Press Analyze
  6. Confirm the recovery of file by press OK
  7. Preview a recovered project's records
  8. Press Start Recovery button

How to repair Microsoft Project file MPP?

Corrupt MS Project file repair software

Project Repair Kit is a specialized tool that helps analyze and restore data from corrupted Microsoft Project MPP files. Users who do not know how to repair Microsoft Project file MPP data are mostly project managers, both with and without experience, trying to find out how to restore their project plans after a system crash. Unfortunately, MS Project comes with no built-in data recovery features, and users trapped in a difficult situation are forces to use third-party MS project corrupt file repair tools like Project Repair Kit.

The program relies on its powerful proprietary core developed by Repair Kit engineers, to open damaged MPP files, identify recoverable elements and restore them and relations between them. A great example of corrupt MS Project file repair software, Project Repair Kit automates the entire process and requires literally no use involvement.

Thanks to a built-in MPP file viewer, the user can see the structure of a damaged file in a tabular form listing the key task parameters, such as name, duration, start and finish dates, predecessor name, resource ID and more. Users who are not professional Project users and don't know how to repair MS Project file data will appreciate the fact that manual operations are not required - everything is done automatically and saved to a new healthy MPP file.

How to repair MS Project 2010 file?

The interface of the program uses the concept of a step-by-step wizard taking the user from file selection to data saving in just a few clicks. The wizard makes MS Project data recovery a snap even for complete novices who have no idea how to repair Project file on the computer that has just undergone a serious crash caused by a hardware or software failure, a virus attack or a software bug. The program is fully compatible with a wide range of MPP file versions and is completely autonomous - that is, requires no additional utilities, components or frameworks to be downloaded. Project Repair Kit is the optimal choice for users facing the problem of MPP file corruption on a regular basis - for instance, in large companies doing a lot of project work.

Apart from saving an ample amount of time and letting users get back on the track just minutes after a system crash, the program saves organizations money, since they no longer need to outsource MPP file recovery to external providers.

How to repair Project file on the computer?

The key features of Project Repair Kit are:

  • A fast and powerful data recovery core capable of restoring the most seriously damaged files
  • An intuitive lightweight interface completely suitable for users who don't know how to repair MS Project 2010 file data
  • Support of all major versions of MPP files: 2002 through 2010.
  • Recovery of activities and dependencies, project plans and resources - everything making up a proper MS Project file
  • An integrated MPP file structure viewer
  • Direct export of recovered data to Microsoft Project
  • Compact installation file that requires no additional libraries or frameworks
MS Project corrupt file repair

Project Repair Kit enables the most inexperienced users to cope with the consequences of system crashes and use this Microsoft Project Repair tool to restore the results of their work in a quick and cost-efficient manner.

System requirements: Windows 98 and above

Customer's reviews and ratings
Rolando Molina 2021-04-06

Please make some kind of warning on the site, after the cards with a button for payment. Because I bought a personal license renewal instead of a personal license, as these cards are very similar. I think this will be useful.

Baylee Lewis 2021-03-17

Repaired all data, except for the time columns, as well as the timeline.

Sawyer Ponce 2021-03-03

I downloaded your program to fix errors in the MS Project 2003 .mpp file. There are no complaints about the application, but every day I receive an email with a registration key from your mail bot. The program has already been activated and the file has been restored. Calm your bot down.

Andrew Rosso 2021-02-17

It is very funny when MS Project is asked to try to use a backup copy of a file, as the original may be damaged. If I knew that after some time the file might get damaged, I would put a daily backup. The service has no complaints, since the file is large and not all data could be repaired.

Apolline Ayoub 2021-02-04

I cannot call a complete fix, since a couple of tasks were removed in my damaged fle. Let's say 80% is repair

Personalism 2021-01-21

The service restored the Microsoft Project file to a state where it has not damaged. Tasks which were deleted, recovered too.

Wynter Kayden 2020-12-25

Fixed the .ppt file, MS Project could not recognize the format of this file and offered to open the file as text only. Nothing was lost in the restored file, I can't understand why MSP decided to do this, maybe something like this happened after the update.

Korbyn Sterling 2020-12-11

I wanted to correct the .mpp file manually according to the forum instructions. Found what file structures, and then nothing is clear. He left it that way, so as not to break anything further. I had to pay money for the fix, but it looks like I repaired better than the rest

Ensley William 2020-08-10

Today I uploaded two different files, one damaged, the other not damaged. As a result, the damaged plan was repaired without errors. An uncorrupted .mpp file was fixed without 2 tasks at the beginning of the plan. It turned out very strange, but the program helped)

UncannNoggin 2020-07-23

I was afraid that the service would repair only tasks, and the additional table with employees would not be able to fix. The table of employees was repaired with their names, phone numbers, positions, but some employees were duplicated. How glad I was that I was able to get a working file, before that MS Project showed an empty file, which frightened the whole team

Unbilical 2020-07-10

I tried to restore my documents in the trial version of the program. Only 2 of 3 files were restored. The recovery process failed on the last file and writes that the file cannot be restored.

RoschpitOomph 2020-06-24

I cant open a file with corruptions in Microsoft Project because it is crashing. After fix this problem, I got another. I dont know durations some tasks, because their duration were recovered as one day

FinboyQuokka 2020-06-10

Microsoft Project 2010 "cannot recognize file format." This problem appeared after moving the .MPP file from the virtual disk. I thought I did my job after I restored the MS Project plan. But that was not all, because files attached to MS Project were restored separately from the .MPP file.

blugspension 2020-04-02

I could partially restore the MS Project plan, but several task names that I lost were renamed to hieroglyphs. This happened after Microsoft Project crashed while saving my work.

AlexSEO 2020-02-25

Not one of the best Microsoft Project recovery tools but one of the cheaper tools. Helpful when appearing error in MS Project "File format is not valid" and partially good repairing MPP files with this error. 4 stars for performance

Ismail 2018-10-01

kullanımı kolay, hızlı düzeltmettim

Fine 2017-01-02

Fine: file of Project was repaired.

Ivan 2016-05-12

If Microsoft cannot repair Project file then this service can do it. Thanks!

Dave 2014-11-22

$10 and bad Microsoft Project file became repaired.

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